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The Academic Council is solely responsible for all academic matters, such as framing of academic policies, approval of courses, regulations and syllabi, etc. The council involves faculty at all levels and also experts from outside, including representatives of the University and the Government.
Management Representatives

  1. Ms. Rita Bibra-Chief Administrator, JDBI
  2. Dr. Deepali Singhee-Principal, JDBI
  3. Dr. J.N. Mukhopadhyaya, Director, JDBI

External Experts

  1. Ms. Meenakshi Birla-Director, Digjam Ltd.
  2. Rev. Dr. J.Father Felix Raj S.J-Principal& Secretary, St. Xavier’s College (Autonomous)
  3. Mr. Pradip Kumar Chopra- Institute of Leadership, Entrepreneurship and development (ILEAD)
  4. Dr. Anjan Raichowdhuri-Adjunct Faculty, IIT-Patna and IIM-Calcutta and Former Professor,IIM-Calcutta
  5. Mr. Pradip Kumar Sil-Senior Partner,Sanderson & Morgan-Solicitors, Advocates & Notaries

University Nominee

  1. Prof. Amitava Sarkar-Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Jadavpur University
  2. Prof. Subir Mukhapadhyay-Head,Geological Sciences, Jadavpur University
  3. Dr.Gautam Maity-Head Library and Information Sciences, Jadavpur University

Head of all the College Departments

  1. Mrs.Samita Gupta - Dept. of Textile  Science, Clothing & Fashion Studies
  2. Mrs.Amita Dutta - Dept. of Interior Designing
  3. Ms. Rachana Kejriwal-Dept. of Commerce
  4. Mr.Tapobrata Ray-Dept. of Management (Academic in-charge)
  5. Ms.Sreyoshi Chatterjee-Dept. of Human Development
  6. Ms. Damanjeet Kaur-Dept. of Food Science & Nutrition Management

Senior Faculty Members

  1. Ms. Krishnakali Bhattacharyya-Dept. of Human Development
  2. Mrs. A.S. Manjulakshmi-Dept. of Commerce
  3. Mrs. Keya Ghosh- Dept. of Commerce
  4. Mr. Sumanta Bhattacharyya-Dept. of Management

Faculty Nominated by the Principal as Member Secretary
Mrs. Smita Parekh-Head, Dept. of Home Science


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Governing Body

Secretary General, VMS


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